You might not have noticed it, but… if you take out time to reflect on it you will notice that there are some things which happen every morning as you go to a work you don’t like and what happens as you return from that same job. Yet there are some of the reasons hunting you, that each time you think of quitting to go get the life of your dreams, you get stuck in the preparation phase.

Each step of our lives requires a difficult decision. Quitting your job is one of those decisions that we face every day, but for some reason, we often find it extremely difficult to follow through with it. More often than not, we’ll usually make an even more difficult decision by choosing not to do anything at all.

And here I am. Trying to follow through with mine. 😭

I have read and deduced that there are several reasons one would consider quitting their [present] job:

  • They want a higher income the present job can’t provide.
  • Their present job doesn’t give them enough freedom (and flexibility) to run a side hustle.
  • They want to move into their business full time.
  • They simply want to switch careers.🎃

Some of us have more than one reasons to quit our present job. For me, I want a higher income which the current job can’t provide. I like flexibility in my job and of course, it is not a career I really want to do all my life.

So, I have no option than to call it quits.

I was a Basic 6 teacher, one I never thought I would be able to do until I started. At first, it was a means to escape from my cousin’s home to become an income-earning individual. Soon, it became my major means of survival. I had to go to work with all seriousness and with immediate alacrity. I was devoted at first, but later I began to feel exhausted. I began to feel like this is not the real thing. There should be more to this work thing than all that I am getting. I felt like I don’t get the necessary push I desire.

I like a work which is specialised yet each new day brings its own challenges to the work. A place where I can integrate with my unending creative ideas. A place that keeps me excited about the possibilities of what I can do. I would appreciate the learning curve that should come along with a fast-paced environment.

I understand some people would say they love teaching, Jack Ma of Alibaba once said it, but I am not one of those. Though I learnt a lot: about people and how fast kids grow. I also got to understand what it’s like to be a parent, having kids to train and nurture until they become reasonable humans. It just wasn’t a place I would like to find myself on a daily basis.

Teaching is the opposite of the kind of career I want to build. I want the ability to work how I wanted, on my schedule, on my terms. I need the freedom to once in a while think forth an idea and bring it to life. I want to be able to travel to places without been queried at work for being lazy and stupid. I want to be able to take a leave to calm my nerves and then get back to work. I want the ability to integrate my work and life into one without one conflicting with the other.

So… I began to resent work.

Remembering this wasn’t the career I wanted for myself, I began to work harder at switching from the career to the tech space. And switching was a job within itself — too many options to filter. I also can’t manage it with my day job, so my last resort was to quit.

I started exploring my options. Studying career options that I can move into without breaking myself beyond repair. Looked at software programming. Then digital marketing. And finally settling for data science.

I have been speaking of quitting to my co-workers though they don’t think I am serious. I kept planning, looking for a way out into the future. So one day in March 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 saga, I applied for the training. Did pre-evaluation exercises. Got interviewed. And was admitted.

Congratulations Son!🎉

I must follow my dream of really moving forward with my plans of entering the tech space. It’s true I don’t have a super concrete plan on how to survive with training but no job yet, I decided to make the sacrifice for a better tomorrow. I had to do something stupid, as people often tell me. What use is going to work if you resent every part of it?

Leaving the people and comfort was a difficult decision. But knowing fully well that I am going to be pushed beyond my limits was a more difficult decision to bear. Yet, I did it.

After facing my fear and carefully putting down my resignation letter, and despite the reasons I always thought not to resign (afraid of the unknown, feeling like I lack the skills to survive, the fear of being broke) the only concrete reason is that I’m leaving for employment that better matches my long term goals.

Then the struggle began, on becoming a Data Scientist. That is what I intend to do with my life after now.

P.S: And you want to know what my long term goal is? A career beyond limits. Whatever that means.

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