Growing Up


Growing up is the journey of a lifetime. Every day and every year, you learn something new about yourself and your world–and with that, you mature a little more. Growing up is also the dramatic transition of a moment. You are now an adult, not any less wild or boring or wrinkled than the second before, but a little more confident and a little more realistic.

children and trees

I was so embarrassed, I didn’t know what to do. I had to walk inside the mall naked and use the phone to call someone to come pick me up. The worst of your experiences in life had come through your friends. The best of experiences, no doubt, also has a tie to your friends.

There are lots of untapped potential in you. And it’s mostly due to human constraints, don’t panic. Be resilient and more determined to break that glass ceiling holding you down. Swallow sheer will like pills and let patience only come when you need it.